Kate Chopin

The Kiss


Kate Chopin was born Kate O'Flaherty in St. Louis, Missouri in 1850 to Eliza and Thomas O'Flaherty. She grew up during the civil war. She was the only child to live past the age of twenty-five. At age five and a half, she was sent to a Catholic boarding school in St. Louis. Her father was killed in a tragic train accident Then she live with her lived at home with her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, all of them widows for the next several years. Her great-grandmother made sure she had the education she needed. She was taught French, music, and the gossip on St. Louis women of the past. Kate was surrounded by intelligent, independent women until she married and moved to New Orleans. Shortly after her husband’s death in 1890, Kate and her 7 children moved back St Luis with her mother; where she began to write short stories. Chopin used her writing as a way to earn money to support her and her children. Writing short stories was not her only source of income; she owned real estate in Louisiana and St Louis. Her short stories were about people had known in Louisiana. Her first was The Awakening (which was eventually published in 1899). She was had hundreds of stories, essays and sketches in magazines. Kate Chopin did not only write short stories, she was also known for her novels as well.

The Kiss

One of Kate Chopin’s short stories, The Kiss, she wrote some time 1851-1904. The Kiss is about a young beautiful, out spoken, Southern girl, who seems to know exactly what she wants. She has no moral standards on satisfying her sexual and materialist wants and needs. Looking for all the good characteristics in different men to satisfy what she wants in a marriage. She unfortunately gets caught and has to choose whether she wants good looks and romance, or riches.
The story starts with a description of the room and the surroundings. “…with the curtains drawn and the smouldering fire sending out a dim, uncertain glow, the room was full of deep shadows”. The setting symbolizes that maybe there are secrets hidden in the dark room, the fire and the shadows are a cover up for what is truly hidden behind Natalie’s beauty and passion.
The character, Natalie, has two men that she has an interest in. Brantain…a not so attractive man, but very wealthy, is describe as a timid and quiet man. In the beginning of the story Brantain sits in the corner of the room not saying anything but just watching Natalie as she sits by the fire and strokes her cat. As the other man of interest walks in, Harvy, surprises the both of them by stealing a kiss, Brantain still just excuses himself without saying much at all. Brantian actions show his character. Harvy is a good looking young man, romantic and endearing; Natalie seems to have a deeper feeling for him than for Brantain. Harvy is more the type of man that she wants to spend her life with but doesn’t seem to be wealthy. Natalie is not the kind of woman that does not care about what she thought of to other people, she is only trying to seek what pleases her needs. Brantain who she ultimately marries, doesn’t see the kind of woman she, though she hides it well. Marrying Brantain only gives her money and maybe even the ability to have more social atmosphere. This could mean that she will have many affairs with many different men but still be able to be satisfied with marrying a man with money to live her life comfortably. Harvy who comes to their wedding seeks her out for a kiss that her newly wedded husband sent him to do but turns her down. “She felt like a chess player….” Meaning that she has been able to direct these two men in any way to get what she wants like a game piece. Harvy has decided not to play her game as he sees what or who she really is. Although Harvy has broken off their affair, surely he isn’t the only man and most likely won’t be the only chess pawn that will get played.







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